Pavit Kumar

Salesforce Consultant / Developer || FSL Consultant

About Me

I am a Salesforce expert with expertise in various clouds, like Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Experience Cloud, etc. I have specialization to customize and design Salesforce solutions within the best practices defined. With good experience in Salesforce development, I am proficient in many programming languages in the Salesforce framework.

Integration tools are the need for today, I have good experience in different types of integration tools like and Mulesoft, and different types of methodologies like RESt API and Event-based integrations with third-party tools and databases.

Some of my good qualities are that I am a collaborative team player and understand complex problems and communicate complex ideas in simple terms has enabled me to lead several successful Salesforce projects. I am always eager to learn new updates in Salesforce and other technologies to provide the right solutions for customer problems. I am a good troubleshooter of issues that I gained in my early years of working in the Salesforce ecosystem.

In Summary, I am a Salesforce professional with good experience and knowledge of the Salesforce ecosystem. I continuously learn and improve my skills along.

Work Experience

Developer Lead - Hytech Professionals (2020 - Present)

  • Collaborate with clients to validate requirements, prepare technical documentation, and provide support to the team during development.
  • Ensure Salesforce security settings are up-to-date by creating and updating roles, profiles, sharing rules, permission sets, and field-level security.
  • Service Cloud Enhancement and Improvement.
  • Service console application enhancement for better user experience and function features.
  • Service channel setup
      -Email to Case
      -Call center(CTI) Setup
      -Third-party custom Integrations
  • Workforce routing using omnichannel
  • SLA setup for various customers in a consolidated solution (Entitlement and Milestone setup)
  • FSL setup End to End
      -Discovery to design a database model for FSL
      -FSL License Distribution and sharing model
      -Territory Setup
      -Work type, Work Step, and Skill Setup
      -Scheduling Policies design
      -Automation for Service appointment creation
      -Location and territory assignment automation
      -FSL mobile app customization and branding
      -Auto schedule and Dispatch Jobs setup
      -Enhanced scheduling and optimization
  • Design and develop Inventory Management with various data point integration
      -Custom LWC solution that integrates with third-party database to get and set inventory information
      -Product transfer (Logistic)
      -Product request and consumption
  • Expert in data model mappings and design for data migration projects.
      -Database design to migrate a whole running business into the salesforce
      -Identify the data which needs to be migrated in the salesforce org.
      -Review the data files to map with Salesforce.
      -Identify the relationship in data.
      -Map Data with relevant objects and fields(if required create custom objects and fields as per the need)
      -Validate and enrichment of data
      -Validate the data (Spot check the data, Create custom reports to validate record counts, Review exception reports to see what data was not migrated)
  • KPI Solutions
  • Consolidate Various reporting streams using Salesforce CRM analytics
  • Reports and Dashboards
  • Experienced in Aura Lightning components for custom features.
  • Set up and branded Communities for Partners and customers.
  • Case information exchange integration by polling and updating using a callout to an endpoint URL.
  • Installed Cisco b+s connector package, SoftPhone layout, Connector Configuration setup for different agents, License assignment, Directory Setup, and Utility for CTI.
  • Expert in automation tools Workflow migration, Process Builder, Flows, and triggers. Many complex automation setups on different levels of requirement like status automation and data enrichment.
  • Change Data capture setup and developed platform event trigger to overcome data capture limitation.

Salesforce Developer - (2017 - 2020)

  • Implemented various custom development and features on Salesforce.
  • Developed community visual force pages and enhanced them.
  • Great exposure to Apex development best practices.
  • Developed Loan Calculation and credit score calculation software on Aura Lightning components for Jamaica National Bank.
  • Implemented a trigger or consolidated logic of process builder, workflow, and flows.
  • Implemented lead conversion invocable Apex method to convert leads.
  • Experience in Pardot implementation, configuration, and Salesforce Connector setup with Pardot.


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