Salesforce Dispatcher Console/ Gants errors in Field service Lightning

Solution for some errors you got while scheduling your service appointments or loading dispatcher console /Gants in FSL.

    1. Apex heap size too large


    a. Reduce service territory selection, select only the territories that you are going to use.

    b. Make sure all your time slots and under 24 hr time, which means the start and end time difference should be under 24hr.

    c. Follow service resource consideration about territories like max limit for resource assignment on single territories.

    d. In some scenarios, this error comes when your time slot/ shift covers the daylight change point. e.g. if Daylight saving starts from 5 pm today then divide your time slot/ shift into two shifts one is before 5 pm and one is after 5 pm.

    2. Error parsing json responses: ‘unexpected token’


    a. Check your data setup like territory, operating hours, and scheduling policies.

    b. Check if you are scheduling on a non-availability spot.

    c. Update all your FSL permission sets.

    3. Something’s not right: error HTP: 500


    Update all your FSL permission set

Some common troubleshooting steps:

  • Deactivate custom automation like record flow/apex trigger on all the Gantts-related objects like service appointments, service resources Service territories, etc.
  • Check for field service setting and scheduling policies set up correctly.
  • Update all your FSL permission set


    If nothing works contact Salesforce support.

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