Service Appointment Assistant Real-Time Location URL generation issue FSL Salesforce

  Some key notes to resolve the issue.
  • Check your Field Service setting that the appointment assistance status update is selected with the status that is a triggering point to generate the URL.
  • The guest user associated with the experience site needs to have the appointment assistant guest user license.
  • The user who is invoking the platform event/Changing the status of Service Appointment will also need to have the appointments assistant permissions and licenses.
  • The URL posted within the FSL settings was changed to “”.
  • The FSL mobile app will need to share location settings “always” for this to work as well.
  • Finally, the status change from the app will need to come from the mobile side in the form of a quick action (no flows/service side status changes).
The main issue in this setup is the right license assignment to the right user.  

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