Some of salesforce acquisition history sequentially.

Here’s a list of some of the acquisitions and how Salesforce is using them:


📌Slack: integrated team collaboration capabilities into Salesforce Customer 360.

📌Acumen: providing Salesforce solutions and identifying areas for productivity, efficiency, and user adoption improvements.


📌Vlocity: pre-configured templates that match common business processes.

📌Evergage: personalized experiences expertise.


📌ClickSoftware: integrated with Field Service Lightning.

📌Tableau: analytics, advanced reporting, and dashboard capabilities.

📌MapAnything: integrated with Field Service Lightning.


📌Datorama: integrated with Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

📌MuleSoft: integrated with Salesforce Integration Cloud.

📌CloudCraze: integrated with Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud


📌Krux: customer data management and personalization for marketing efforts.

📌Quip: document management and real-time collaboration.

📌Demandware: integrated with Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

📌Metamind: AI and deep learning technologies.

📌SteelBrick: integrated with Salesforce CPQ.


📌ExactTarget: digital marketing tool.

🗓️ 2012

📌Buddy Media: social media marketing tool.

🗓️ 2011

📌Heroku: tools for building web applications using popular programming languages.

📌Radian6: social media collaboration tool.

🗓️ 2008

📌InStranet: knowledge management tool.

Salesforce’s acquisitions have allowed them to expand their offerings and provide a more comprehensive solution to their customers.

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